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Lawn fertilizing treatments that transform your lawn into a green and weed-free Property

We want your neighbors to ask “who does your fertilizing?”. Each lawn is unique and may require different applications during the year. Our quote contains the basic standard schedule; if your lawn or the environment requires something different, we will at no extra cost perform the necessary application other than insecticides and fungicides.

We use only DRY-GRANULAR-SLOW Release products to ensure your property receives the proper amount of product without run off and waste due to heavy rains following treatments. Slow release products also eliminate lawn burning in the dry summer months. The only liquid applications we will perform is the post-weed control under normal circumstances and this application is only applied in a direct method; meaning we will spray only the weeds and surrounding areas. This is extremely effective, practical, and environmentally conscience.

Yes Dry-Granular-Slow Release products are more expensive but the long term results are better. By using these products you are not only ensuring your lawn receives proper nutrients but also being environmentally conscience at the same time. Please ensure that our competitors are guaranteeing use of the same products.

Other services we provide: 
  -Aeration Spring and Fall         
  -Lawn renovation   
  -Grub control
  -Landscaping (Weed Management Programs)
  -Mole control

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